Apply for support

To apply for support for your project, please fill out and sign the application form. Then, send the application (together with all relevant annexes) to the following address in Riga: Nākotnes Atbalsta fonds, Vesetas iela 7, Riga, LV-1013 or email to [email protected].

Please mind that we will not consider the applicant’s project if less than a month remains until the project deadline, i.e. the project completion date.

When conducting a project feasibility study, we focus specifically on the following aspects:

  • Sound rationale for the project
  • Final goal that is clear and understandable
  • Comprehensive and detailed budget
  • Adequate allocation of financial resources
  • Project implementation should be prioritized over any personal gain of its initiators
  • A socially oriented project should be geared towards tackling overall social issues or issues related to certain groups and should draw the public’s attention to the issues
  • As for the arts and culture projects, we give priority to long-term, unique and intellectually stimulating projects.

We are always open to solving relevant issues and supporting new and unique ideas!

We do not support:

  • Business projects
  • Projects implemented outside of Latvia
  • Large-scale mass events for a broad target audience


1. Fill in the form of a signed .edoc file on the NAF website, adding reference documents.

2. Download or print, sign manually, attach report documents, scan, and send electronically to [email protected] or by mail.

Download the form and submit the completed form using the contact form below.