About the Fund

Rietumu Banka established its Charity Fund in 2007 to promote charity and philanthropy in Latvia, support socially significant projects and deliver public good. The fund has been operating since 13 April 2007.

Rietumu Bank’s Charity Fund has always functioned as an independent organization. This aspect has allowed us to set our own priorities and evaluate and support the projects that we find the most important and relevant.

Over the past years, we have supported hundreds of projects in such areas as healthcare, including children’s healthcare, assistance to the most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups, culture, education, expanding of opportunities for healthy and active leisure, etc.

In 2020, the fund was renamed as Nākotnes Atbalsta fonds (Future Supporting Fund).

Our priority activities include:

  • tackling of social problems
  • improving of the quality of healthcare and promotion of healthy lifestyle
  • ensuring of access to education
  • fostering of scientific progress
  • increasing of public access to arts and culture
  • environmental protection
  • expanding of opportunities for healthy leisure activities for children and young people
  • providing of opportunities for gifted children and young to participate in cultural events
  • access to the diversity of physical and sport activities, engaging of children and young people in the activities

Once we have decided to support a project, we then thoroughly monitor all stages of the project and track the project’s progress to ensure that the funds allocated towards reaching a certain goal are used as efficiently as possible.


Corporate details

Council of the Fund:

  • Arkādijs Suharenko, Chairperson of the Council
  • Jeļena Buraja, Council member
  • Elīna Suharenko, Council member

Board of Directors of the Fund:

  • Inga Šīna, Chairperson of the Board of Directors
  • Sergejs Grodņikovs, a member of the Board of Directors
  • Žoržs Tikmers, a member of the Board of Directors

Nākotnes Atbalsta fonds (incorporated as a foundation)
Registered office in Riga, Latvia: Vesetas iela 7, Riga, LV-1013
Registration No: 40008114048

Account: LV47RTMB0000600804045
(at JSC Rietumu Banka)

Contact information:
Phone: +371 67020569
E-mail: [email protected]